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Balance with Nature

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Nature surrounds us, yet it is also within us, allow this yoga programme guide you home to your true nature. You will get access to 5 yoga classes to access when you like, as many times as you like. Each class providing a different focus of the body and intention for the practice. + Earth connects to the roots of the body to ground & balance. + Water dives into the flexibility and fluidity of the mind-body. + Fire ignites the core and taps into your drive & motivation. + Air invites in the breathe to expand and release. + Space offers a chance to relax and unwind in a gentle flow. Aimee recommends exploring this programme first time in sequential order (Earth to Space) and then repeat the sessions that you require to bring balance to your day. Know that this is a yoga PRACTICE, you aren't here to compare yourself to anyone else' journey, each exploration of a practice will differ, and that is okay. Show up consistently, have compassion to yourself and witness where this path takes you. Thank you for trusting Aim2Be and see you on the mat! Aimee x

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