Yoga + Nidra Teacher & Reiki Healer in Bristol 

Move & be moved

Nature surrounds us, yet is also within us. Theres ebbs and flows, sunshine and storms, movement and stillness. The only thing that is constant is change. Yoga is about journeying with your body, creating space to slow down and find that connection to what arises for you, in that moment. This isn’t about being picture perfect, nor about being able to touch your toes. This is an opportunity for you to create the shapes that feel good for you and be fully present with your Self. 


Would you like to gift yourself the space to explore yoga with Aimee?

Find the studio schedule below. Any questions, please email. 

Yoga Classes in Bristol

September Schedule (from 6th):

Staple Hill: Mon 1115 & Tues 1730
St George: 
Tues 1900

Fishponds: Mon 1815 & 1930 / Tues 0930

Nature Yoga in St George:

Weds 0745 & Thurs 1800
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