Yoga + Nidra Teacher & Reiki Healer in Bristol 

Have you ever felt stressed, anxious or constantly swirling to-do lists inside your mind?

There is always something to do, somewhere to be, and you just can’t keep on top of it.


Learning to slow down your breath and acknowledge where you may feel the tension in the body through Yoga can really help you find balance, on and off the mat. Aimee's classes are friendly, uplifting and is a great sanctuary for you to find your Self.

Yoga Classes in Bristol

Are you looking to integrate mindful movement, stretching and strengthening into your day?

Nature Yoga in St George:

Weds 0745 & Thurs 1800
Studio Classes in Staple Hill:

Mon 1115 & Tues 1730
Studio Classes in St George:

Mon 1930 & Tues 1915
Online Sleep Sessions:

Mon 2045 only £2

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