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Structural Integration therapy treatment

Structural Integration Bristol

How do you feel in your body?

With Structural Integration in Bristol you will go on a journey of exploring human potential. And if that was a bit too "woo woo" for you, think of it this way. Do you remember a time where: 

  • You felt good in your body?

  • Moved around the house with ease?

  • Moved around the workplace with ease?

  • Could go up and down the stairs pain free?

  • You were free of aches and pains?

  • Had the energy to play that sport you love?

  • Had the energy to play with the kids?

If you can or can't remember a time like the above. We work towards making that a reality because you deserve to feel GOOD

wooden man aim2be

What other people say

Vikki. C

"My neck and back feel so much straighter and longer!"

Merv. H

"In the time I have been coming to see you decades worth of pain have gone away!"

Briony. H

"Blaise’s Rolfing sessions produced an immediate visible difference in my body"

Blaise giving Structural Integration Bristol session


So.. will Structural Integration help with:

  • Back pain.. probably 

  • Neck pain.. probably

  • Shoulder pain.. probably 

  • Knee pain.. probably

  • Will it help with xyz.. by now you get the picture.

Is there a guarantee that it can help you? Come and give it a go. You only have something to gain - even if it is feeling chilled out and having an hour to yourself.

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Structure equals function

At times you may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders (that's gravity). Mastering and bending the universal laws of physics is your quest. What will happen in a session is your body will start remember how to work in the way that it was designed.

There are 10 sessions in this journey of movement, mobility, fluidity and posture. In this process you will explore the connectivity in your whole body, not just in a localised part.

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