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What Do You Aim2Be?


Taking your stress from work home is not good for anyone.


Especially you.

Why not reclaim the "you" time you deserve. 


Explore our wellbeing services today and reclaim your balance. 


Can you breathe?


The fact that you are reading this means yes.


Yoga is simply breath with movement

Yoga doesn't have to be a scary word. And you don't have to be flexible.

Rediscover your movement today!


There is a certain magic captured in a class.


Maybe it the fragrant aroma of the incense, the energy of the practice, the mediations and poems used or the hand-made eye pillow that eases you gently into relaxation?


Whatever it may be, create your own “piece of peace” at home or on the go from here.


Explore today



Feeling a little wonky?


Do you have aches and pains that you have just “learned to live with”? Or maybe you feel like you could use a little “tune-up” in your body.


You take your car or bike for a service, but when was the last time YOU had an MOT?


Structural Integration in Bristol is your opportunity to do so.


Helping you find a place to relax, restore and explore movement and stillness


Who are Aim2Be?

Aimee aka the "Aim", is a qualified Yoga teacher. She is passionate about helping people feel comfortable in the skin they are in. From movement through breath classes to self-care and relaxation sessions she has something for everyone.


She is the perfect guiding light for those who have started their yoga journey. And those who are well on their way. 

Blaise aka the "Be" is the word wizard and music creator of the pair. After working in the music and events industry to a point of burnout. He found his calling in well-being through Reiki in Bristol and continues to expand his skillset


Blaise is also a Structural Integration Practitioner, taking people through a journey of human potential through embodiment. He is also a Men's Work Facilitator, holding space for those identifying as male.


From hosting wellbeing events, talks, workshops and live music events they value creating community and collaboration. 


Happiness is a feeling of wellbeing found through knowing ourselves


Katherine. M

Aimee's Yoga Nidra class is a lovely hour of group self-care. The face mask leaves your skin feeling so soft and the guided meditation is great. I always sleep so well afterwards. Thanks, Aimee


Lottie. L

Blaise & Aimee are so welcoming & it really helps to get rid of any anxieties. I've continued with my sessions & I always feel elevated, stress relieved & free afterwards. 

These guys are professional, genuine & pure magic. If anyone is considering trying Reiki, Blaise is your man. His openness, great energy & pure kindness is incredible. I couldn't recommend these two enough!

Anna. W

Love these classes. I was introduced to yoga by my twinnie. Soo look forward to Monday evening now! Have found myself more chilled out after a busy day at work and have found my stress levels have definitely decreased. Aimee is absolutely lovely and makes you feel very welcome and at ease. 


Zen Den

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