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Unlucky for some?

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

For centuries people have been suspicious of the day "Friday 13th". How many times have you had "one of those days" where things go all sorts of "wrong" and then you notice it. It's Friday the 13TH!

Let's Explore some of the reasons why:

Why is it so unlucky?

It can be easy to adopt this imprint into "normal life". In Christian traditions, it is said that it is to do with there being 12 apostles and Jesus in the Last Supper (13 in total). The following day Judas betrayed Jesus and that day of crucifixion then became known as "Good Friday" (Where the "good" in Good Friday came from, remains a bit of a paradox in itself ay?). It was also known as a "hangman's day" too, so not the best of starts...

How did it "stay" unlucky?

Superstition has embedded itself into popular culture as far back as records began. Some are still very prominent in today's world. Friday the 13th is no different. For example, many hotels will have room 12A instead of room 13. This is always accentuated when you walk under a ladder or see a black cat on your way to your room.

This was probably accelerated through the novel of the name "Friday the 13th" and the movie in the '80s of the same name. The classic slasher movies, which has recently turned into a video game franchise has definitely kept the "dream" (or nightmare) very much in our scope of awareness any day of the week ;)

It can't ALL be unlucky right?

You are right. It is not all doom and gloom. There are always multiple perspectives for viewing the same event. In this case, Friday the 13th can actually be considered as a LUCKY DAY (as well as one of Blaise's favourite days).

Thirteen ripples throughout our modern times but often goes unnoticed. For example, there are 13 moon cycles in a year. This is why it is said Friday the 13th, is the "Day of the Goddess", one to be celebrated for the divine feminine and an appreciation of cycles of life within birth and rebirth. Interesting right?

FRI-YAY the 13th!

Energetically Friday is the day of Venus. Venus is considered the embodiment of the divine feminine. So combined with number 13 (a potent combination for creation, death, rebirth and fertility), it is said that it can be a POWERFUL day for manifestation.

So why not utilise this powerful day for creation, and "rebirth" how you utilise this day. Whether it's getting crafty, spending time setting strong intentions and letting go of what no longer serves you.

If all else fails and you feel you want a little assistance into bringing yourself back into your centre, you can always book yourself in for a session.

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