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3 reasons why you should try yoga outdoors.

Picture yourself amidst an open natural setting—surrounded by lush greenery, a gentle breeze caressing your skin and the harmonious sound of birdsong in the background.

Doesn't that sound like the perfect ambiance for practicing Yoga in Bristol?

While yoga studios and home practice have their benefits, taking your yoga practice outdoors can elevate your experience in numerous ways.

  1. Plugging into nature is a way to recharge your batteries.

Life's demands can often lead to feelings of stress and overwhelm. Fortunately, nature has an incredible ability to soothe the mind and promote relaxation. Scientific research has shown that spending time outdoors reduces cortisol levels—the primary stress hormone. When you combine this natural stress-reduction with yoga's calming postures and mindful breathing, it creates a potent recipe for relaxation and mental clarity. The gentle rustling of leaves and the soft touch of grass underfoot only enhance the soothing effects of yoga in Bristol.

2. Enhancing mind-body connection

Are you operating on auto-pilot? How aware of your body and your environment are you when you move through your day? When you leave the four walls of a building, all of your senses wake up—scent, sight, and touch, in particular, activating parts of the brain that make you more present. With every breath, you inhale the fresh air and become attuned to the natural rhythm around you. The firmness of the earth beneath your mat grounds you, challenging your stability in yoga poses. Nature serves as a gentle reminder to stay present and mindful, deepening your mind-body connection throughout the practice.

3. Gain fresh perspective

Familiarity brings security, and humans are creatures of habit, but what if stepping outside of your comfort zone grants you a new perspective on life? Practicing yoga outside may feel awkward to begin with (yet many have been surprised by how less self-conscious they are outdoors), as it brings its own challenges of uneven ground and the variety of Bristol's weather forecast. However, imagine the power of flowing through your sun salutations with the warmth of the sun rays beaming down on your skin, the visual representation of a trees roots embedding into the earth as you ground and grow into your tree pose, noticing the playfulness of real furry friend as you explore your downward dog. Exploring yoga in Bristol outdoors will remind you that you are an extension of nature and can reestablish that vital connection.

Curious to give you a go? Aimee facilitates yoga in Bristol with both indoor yoga classes running all year and outdoor sessions running May - September. You can check out the locations, timetable and prices via the link below.

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