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Tips for Beginner Yoga in Bristol

"I'm a beginner, can I join your yoga class?"

It's a common question I get asked and although valid, let me tell you why its best to give the yoga class a try.

What even is a 'beginner'? How do you currently move your body?

Guiding an individual who has body-awareness from other forms of exercise to someone who's never done any movement before, will be different. Both are 100% welcome. It's an insight that every body is different. Your email won't give me much info but what I can tell you is that I will provide a safe, welcoming space for you to give Yoga in Bristol a try.

Here are some top tips for Beginner Yoga in Bristol:

1. It's called a Yoga practice for a reason. There is no comparison or competition within Yoga in Bristol. I always recommend coming to yoga once a week for the month to feel how consistency can develop your practice and your confidence. Once you get through the 'newbie' phase you will start finding a flow state. And if it is not for you, thats okay too, explore a different teacher or style of yoga.

2. Listen to your body. Tuning into how it feels and move from that space. It's important to move when you're feeling joyful, angry, sad, anxious so that you can process, release and prevent dis-ease in the body. I love teaching Yoga around the moon phases to honour the fluctuating hormones and energy levels, especially within women's cycles.

3. Use the props. If the class provides blocks and straps, grab them. They can be incredible tools to make yoga accessible to suit your body and help you feel more comfortable and supported. If a pose ever feels too challenging or painful, don't force it. Instead, try modifying the pose or skipping it altogether.

4. Wear comfortable clothes, something that allows you to move freely. I often suggest an additional layer of a jumper or blanket can be a welcomed addition for the closing relaxation.

Curious to give it a go? Check out my yoga timetable and find a class that suits you.

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